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    Welcome to ECOCAT, We are Eco-friendly Catalysis & Energy Lab ! Prof. Jae Sung Lee.
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    We have been conducting various researches such as cation(anion) substitution method, intercalation to make visible light photocatalysts for hydrogen production, and now we are focusing on making nano-composite oxide photocatalysts and composite photocatalysts.
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    Fuel cell

    We focus on the development of composite membrane to substitute for Nafion membrane using inorganic filler and carbon. In electrodes case, we investigate tungsten carbide for anode catalysts, nitrogen treated carbon and nitride materials for cathode catalysts to make low-Pt or non-Pt electro-catalysts.
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    Until now, we have achieved “Reforming reaction” which can synthesize syngas (CO + H2) from CO2 and methane. Furthermore, with “Fischer Tropsch reaction”, we could obtain olefin, paraffin,and gasoline (light carbon ~ heavy carbon). Recently, we have been trying to directly synthesize hydrocarbons from CO2 and H2 through hydrogenation.
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Welcome to Eco-friendly Catalysis and Energy Lab

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